Strategic Planning

Strategic planning should include conversations among your stakeholders.  Let's work together to ask the right questions and facilitate the dialog to ensure that all points of view and ideas are brought to light.  Together we can prioritize ideas and design next steps to attain your vision.

Library Logistics/Delivery

Library delivery services/logistics can be baffling, especially when you don't have the time to dig deep, or when the service is outsourced to a commercial courier. Let me work with you to design an effective request for proposal with fair and reasonable service standards along with quality control systems to assure high quality service.  I've been through this process many times with many vendors as well as managed in-house delivery services.  Let's discuss your situation and see if engaging a consultant is a good fit for your organization.

Project Management

You can't do it all yourself, so effective management means uncovering all the necessary steps to getting a job done, identifying your ready resources, marshalling additional assistance, and assuring all the moving parts are lined up and moving in the right direction.  Let's design, set up evaluation processes to check in on success, and launch your important project together.